If your server is changing to 70 slot counts from whatever your allocated slot count is, there is a formatting issue somewhere in your command line or missing mod content.

Please review your command line with the following in mind:

Having quotations present in one of your parameters
Improper use of the total conversion mod parameter (not all mods are total conversion mods!)
The improper spelling of a map's name; it is common for a user to enter a space between "The" and "Island". The proper format is simply "TheIsland".

Another common cause of this issue is the deletion or missing of content. I.e deleting your default-included mod content from the ShooterGame/Content/Mods directory will prevent you from loading maps like Scorched Earth, Aberration and Ragnarok. If you have deleted these files, you will need to validate your server files to re-obtain them.
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