How to Create a Schedule for your Minecraft Server
What is a Schedule?
A schedule is a command which is automatically ran by the Server at a Specific Time. You can set what command is run, what time the Command is run and which days the command is run.
In this demonstration we will set the server to run the command restart everyday at 12pm.

Log into you panel at:

Select the Server that you would like to set a schedule on. In this demo, we will be using the KitPVP server, but your server may be called something different.

Press configuration at the top of your panel.

Press schedules at the top of your panel.

Press create new. This will display the page to create a new schedule.

Now you will be able to name your schedule. This should be something that a human can read and understand. This will not affect the command. In this demonstration, we have named the schedule Restart.

Now you can set the day/days of the week when the scheduled command should be executed. You can hold shift to select multiple days.

Repeat the previous step for the: Day of the month, Hour of the Day and Minute of the hour.

Now you can set the time after This is how long after the specified time the command will be ran.

Now it time to select whether the command you want to issue is a power action or not. If you are Starting/Stopping/Restarting you server, select power action. If your command is anything else select Send Command. We recommend that you don't set a schedule to kill/force kill your server. In this demonstration we have selected power action as we are issuing the command restart.

Finally its time to set the command you would like to be scheduled into the payload box. In this demonstration we have entered restart.

Last of all, you can save your schedule by pressing create schedule.

Your Schedule has now been created!

If you require any further assistance, please contact our Support Team via the Live Chat or via the Official Discord Server or via a technical ticket within your client area.
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