Setting your player limit can be very useful to limit the amount of players who can play on your Server at one time.

Why would it be useful to set player limits for my Server?
It is useful to set player Limits so that you don't over use your servers resources (for example: ram and CPU usage)
It is also useful to set Players Limits for Moderation reasons. The more the players the harder it is to Moderate. So you can set the player limit to a limit where you moderation team can handle a certain amount of players.

How do I set a player limit?
To set your player Limit:
Go to the Management tab of your server. This will display your servers root files.

Go to your Server.Properties file in the Root of your Server

Within that file find: max-players=20

Change the specified number to the Number that you would like your player limit to be set to.

Press Save.

Finally, restart your server (Check out our Article on how to restart your Server) and your player limit should be set!

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