Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Q: Why does my card keep getting declined?

A: In most cases, some banks will decline the charge due to us being a Swedish company operating online, so the bank thinks someone is trying to process a purchase internationally which may be blocked by default. You can contact your bank to have this fixed.

Q: Why was I automatically charged?

A: When signing up for your service, you selected a billing period based on which your service will continue to renew until cancelled. While your credit card information is never actually stored on our system; we keep a payment token which enables us to automatically renew each month/whichever billing period you have selected until that service is cancelled. We can disable automatically renewals at your request, however. No issues there. Simply submit a support ticket requesting this to be changed.

Q: How do I cancel my service?

A: To cancel a service you need to contact our support. It is usally done very fast. This can be done in our live chat or through a ticket.

Q: If I upgrade my server, do I lose all of my progress?

A: Not at all! If you upgrade your service the server will simply restart and you will have your new resources right away!

Q: Can I transfer my service to someone else?

A: You most certainly can! To transfer your service(s) to another individual, we will require the following be done:
-The individual that will be taking new ownership register an account with our billing system. if they do not already have one.
-You (the service owner) submit a ticket via the billing area requesting the service be transferred to the other person's account. Please provide their email address in your ticket.
Do note that none of your personal information would be transferred or shared with the new owner, so there is nothing to worry about that.

Q: I don’t want my server any more, can I get a refund?

A: Our refund policy applied to a client's first purchase within 48 hours; which we will provide a full refund( minus fees) at your request if you are not satisfied.

Q: How do I apply my account credit to my invoices?
| A: When you are looking at your current invoices on your billing account, you will need to first select the method of payment (Credit card, PayPal, etc) first; and then open the invoice. From there it would then have an option to apply an account credit to your selected invoice.
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